RISE AND FALL  ·  Séte/France 2017

Like in the rest of his work, SatOne relates the concepts of his pieces to the places he visits and the surrounding spaces of his pieces.
“Rise and Fall” is no exception to that rule. The piece is an abstract representation of a sunset, symbolising the many stages in life. The movement of the sun is dictated by the artist’s colour palette and can be read from left to right. Rising from over the Mediterranean Sea in a vibrant interplay of blues and reds, to the brightness of a sunny day, a world full of possibilities that later finds rest behind one of Sète’s hills. 
SatOne was inspired by the location of the wall, a highly visible spot located in the middle of an intersection, having the channel on one side and a residential street on the other. A spot you can see from different angles, just like one of Sète’s beautiful sunsets.

Not unlike the rest of his work, the mural is representative of SatOne’s style. His creations, non-figurative in the essence, represent imaginary worlds and abstract forms that open up for several interpretations capturing moments of distorted realities.


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